Measuring comfort of new lives

With over 15 million premature babies born every year, they face multiple painful procedures during their stay in NICU.

The NIPETM (Newborn Infant Parasympathetic Evaluation) was designed to provide new-borns a comfortable stay in the NICU by measuring their parasympathetic tone, taking better decisions to control nociception and improving their development.

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Proven benefits for you and your patient

Detect nociception

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Assess analgosedation

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Measure acute pain

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Measure prolonged pain

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Detect comfort / discomfort in the patient

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Assessment of NIDCAP

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technologies explained

The first comfort
assessment monitoring system
for neonates


Our neonatal standalone solution for the NICU. Built to ensure the total comfort of newborns till 2 years old


NIPE<sup>TM</sup> Values

NIPEm: Percentage of the parasympathetic  tone of the ANS in the last 20 minutes 

NIPEi: Percentage of the parasympathetic  tone of the ANS in the last 2 minutes 


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Dr. Héctor Boix

Neonatal Researcher at Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona

Thanks to NIPE we have an objective parameter to assess stress in our neonatal ICUs.

Dr. Francisco Reinoso Barbero

Chief of Anesthesia of Anesthesiology Department Hospital La Paz, Madrid

NIPE is an excellent intraoperative tool for pediatric anesthesiologists who assist neonates and infants. NIPE device allow us not only to confirm the efficacy of regional blocks but also titrate analgesic drugs like opiates, dexmedetomidine while tailoring hypnotic agents, achieving a very early and comfortable extubation in these very young patients.

Dr. Itziar Marsinyach Ros

Neonatology Assistant Physician

A tool to measure parasympathetic tone, through heart rate variability, could be useful to assess both the state of comfort and the maturity of the autonomic system in the premature newborn.

Dr. Wojciech Walas

NICU Neonatologist

The Goldilocks principle, which means not too little, but not too much …. NIPE and ANI help me optimize analgosedation in my patients.

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