A successful turnout the first webinar for MDoloris Medical Systems

20 Apr 2020

A successful turnout to our first webinar in Spanish, with over 500 attendees! Led by Dr. Javier García Fernández, Dr. Carlos Chamorro and Dr. Cristian Aragón Benedí.

The webinar addressed how ANI may help clinicians during a Covid19 patient’s stay in ICU. Dr. Chamorro discussed the need for good analgosedation during the mechanical ventilation process. He stated that ANI is included in his analgosedation protocol because it is the most refrended technology by published evidence for its use in ICUs and ORs. Dr. Aragon accounted a revision regarding HRV, inflammation and mortality. The preliminary results of his study regarding mortality prediction, the threshold for ANIm is 80 with a sensitivity of 100%, a specificity of 85.7%, he found a direct relationship between IL6 levels and ANI values. He hypothesized that we may improve the outcomes of these patients through balancing the ANS through catecolamines, avoiding anticolinegic drugs, stimulating the autonomous nervous system with ventilation settings and electrical vagal stimulation; ANI is a useful tool in Covid19 patients, allowing physicians to take control of the autonomous nervous system, titrating analgesics and controlling the inflammation response.

Watch it here and stay tuned for the next webinar in English!


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