22 Apr 2020



Distribution agreement with Kreienbaum Neoscience (NIPE Distribution in Germany)
August, 2016


Distribution agreement with FINATECH (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Morocco)
August, 2016

logo_avf_biomedical_avfDistribution agreement with AVF BIOMEDICAL (ANI and NIPE Distribution in France)
June, 2016


Distribution agreement with MDE LTD (ANI Distribution in Thailand)
June, 2016

Distribution agreement with Andra Prima Jaya (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Indonesia)
June, 2016


Distribution agreement with Jormar SA (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Guatemala)
June, 2016


Distribution agreement with Life Care Bio-medical Private Limited (ANI and NIPE Distribution in India)
June, 2016


Distribution agreement with GOLD LITE PTE LTD (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Singapore)
June, 2016


Distribution agreement with VMG Healthcare Products SA (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Costa Rica)
June, 2016

Distribution agreement with Import Medical SS (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Panama)
April, 2016


Distribution agreement with Markomed (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Croatia)
April, 2016


Distribution agreement with NMS ELPA (NIPE Distribution in Latvia)
March, 2016

logo-pmstDistribution agreement with Professional Medical Supplies & Trading (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Qatar)
February, 2016

Distribution agreement with Diagal SARL (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Algeria)
January, 2016


Distribution agreement with MBM (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Tunisia)
December, 2015


Distribution agreement with Global Supply S.A.C (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Peru)
December, 2015


Distribution agreement with HP Medical (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Bolivia)
November, 2015

Distribution agreement with Humed International (ANI and NIPE Distribution in South Korea)
October, 2015

ahc logoDistribution agreement with AHC Solutions Pty Ltd (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Australia)
September, 2015

Distribution agreement with Charity Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (ANI and NIPE Distribution in Taiwan)
September, 2015

scilDistribution agreement with Scil (PTA Distribution in Spain and Portugal)
August, 2015

Distribution agreement with Viridian (NIPE Distribution in Poland)
July, 2015

Distribution agreement with Suburfarm (ANI Distribution in Hong Kong)
July, 2015

steripolarDistribution agreement with Steripolar (NIPE Distribution in Finland)
June, 2015

jebsen&jessenDistribution agreement with Jebsen & Jessen (NIPE Distribution in Malaysia)
June, 2015

logo-virtusDistribution agreement with Virtus Trading LLC (ANI Distribution in United Arab Emirates)
March 16, 2015

logo-al-essageDistribution agreement with Al-Essa Group (ANI Distribution in Kuwait)
December 21, 2014

logo-connectDistribution agreement with Connect Medizintechnik (NIPE Distribution in Austria)
November 24, 2014

plarreDistribution agreement with Casaplarre (NIPE distribution in Mexico)
September 1, 2014

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