Busy weekend for MDoloris

26 Nov 2018

It was a busy weekend for Mdoloris.
Indeed, our team members were all over Europe for different congresses, talks, etc.

Fabien, Stefan and Wojtek were in Poland for the Polish Neonatal Congress.
During this event, we were delighted to have three speeches about our NIPE technology from 3 different doctors.
Prof. Boix, from Spain, was the first speaker to talk about the NIPE technology at the National Congress for Neonatal doctors in Poland.
Professor Rutkowska was the second one talking about our NIPE technology and it was for the palliative care of neonates.
Our last speaker was Professor Pawel Zawitkowski and his presentation was about our NIPE monitor used during physiotherapy.
Andre, our Product Specialist in Portugal, was in Porto for “O Norte da Anestesia 2018″.
It was the 12th edition of this event and this year, the focus was on the “Anesthesiology out of the box”.
Mdoloris was there with B Braun Medical which is one of our distributor in Portugal, they partnered with us to distribute our ANI and NIPE monitors.

At the same time, our CMO, Ignacio Gonzalez was giving two speeches at the SEAV (Sociedad Espanola de Anesthesia y Analgesia Veterinaria) congress. This event was held in Valencia on the 24th of November and was an opportunity for us to talk about the PTA, our monitor for animals.

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