MDoloris at the National Congress of Neonatology in Braga

16 Nov 2018

Pulmocor, our national distributor in Portugal, is in Braga for the 47th National Congress of Neonatology.

Our Newborn Infant Parasympathetic Evaluation (NIPE) technology as it is a comfort assessment monitoring system for neonates was presented there by our distributor as it’s the perfect fit.
Our NIPE monitors provide an objective way to assess pain and discomfort for newborn infants, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver individualized care, as we can see in Toulouse.

Andre, our product specialist for Spain and Portugal, is at this event with our business partners so go to this event if you want to talk about our technology for neonates but also if you want this kind of technology for adults. Indeed, our ANI monitor V2 is focused on people over the age of 12.


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