NIPE: Monitoring of pain for a baby with scoliosis.

03 Oct 2018

Charity Pharmaceutical Co, our distributor in Taiwan, was being trained, in Spain, to use our NIPE monitor to help a 2 years old baby.

Indeed, this little guy has scoliosis so they had to put the pins and the crown in order to to later put weight and try to correct that scoliosis.
They sedated the patient with Propofol and also used Fentanyl to provide the right analgesia.
Then, they checked our monitor to see it was reading 40.
So the anesthesiologist decided to add 3 micrograms of Fentanyl and the ANI raised to 54 (as we can see on the following picture).

The baby awake with no pain and everything went well during the intervention.

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